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If you have a question that’s not addressed here, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Q: Do you accept my dental insurance?
A: We will assist you in filing your dental insurance claims. We may or may not be a provider of every insurance policy, but we can still assist you with the claims. Dr. Simonds is a Met Life and a Delta Dental provider.
Q: Do you offer a payment plan?
A: We ask that you pay for your services on the day of treatment. We do not offer any “in house” financing, but have a 3rd party finance company for those unexpected large and costly treatment plans. We can help spread out your costs of crowns and other more expensive treatments by accepting 1/3 payment on the day you make your appointment, 1/3 the day the procedure is started and 1/3 the day the procedure is completed. Unfortunately, we can’t offer credit accounts for these services, but do accept most major credit cards and debit cards as well as personal checks.
Q: What is a root canal?
A: A root canal is a procedure where we remove the central nerve tissue from the internal portion of a “dying” tooth. This procedure routinely takes 2 hours and is performed under local anesthesia.
Q: What is a crown?
A: A crown is a procedure where we reshape a damaged tooth into a tapered cylindrical shape, make an impression of that new shape and forward it to a laboratory to have an artificial tooth made that will cover and restore your tooth to it’s proper form and function. It is performed in about an hour under local anesthesia.
Q: Is it harmful to “bleach” my teeth?
A: No, it is not at all damaging to a tooth to whiten your tooth. The term “bleach” is misleading as we do not use bleach to lighten the tooth color. We offer Opalescence tooth whitening, which is an ADA approved, peroxide based product. This material will not damage your tooth, but it will remove extrinsic stains from the outer surface of your tooth. It will not cause any cold sensitivity to your tooth.
Q: Which filling type is best, a white filling or a silver filling?
A: Both filling types are perfectly acceptable filling materials. Dr. Simonds may choose one or the other depending on the condition of your tooth. In most cases you may choose either type.
Q: Can amalgam (silver) fillings make me sick?
A: Anything can make you sick if you have an allergy to it. Amalgam allergies are extremely rare. These allergies are typically associated with mercury which is one component of a silver filling. People who have mercury allergies will also have health issues if they eat a can of tuna fish. In most cases, this will not be a problem.
Q: Can I replace my silver fillings with white fillings?
A: Absolutely in most cases. Many patients are tired of the ugly gray color of the teeth which have older silver fillings in them. In most case a ceramic based filling will replace the older filling. Some teeth, however, will require a cast metal/porcelain crown instead of a filling.
Q: Isn’t a filling just as good as a crown?
A: We will only recommend a crown when we believe a filling may result in a catastrophic failure for your tooth. Occasionally we recommend a crown as a more esthetic alternative to a filling for your tooth. If the tooth is quite visible when you smile, it’s usually a much better choice to place a porcelain crown or veneer on your tooth. Crowns and veneers look more like your tooth’s natural enamel than most fillings and they don’t wear out as quickly as a filling.
Q: Will I get a harmful radiation exposure when you take an x-ray picture of my tooth?
A: You get more radiation walking outside on a sunny day than when you get an x-ray of your tooth. The newer x-ray equipment uses even less radiation per film exposure than the ones our parents were exposed to. We only take radiographs that are necessary for a proper diagnosis of your dental conditions.
Q: Do you guarantee the work you put into my mouth?
A: In most cases we will replace any faulty restorations at no charge to the patient. If a patient doesn’t abuse their teeth, we typically replace a restoration for a year. Keep in mind, once you leave our office, we can’t be held responsible if you chew on ice, hard candy or chicken bones. Nothing in health care is guaranteed! The mouth is absolutely the harshest environment imaginable. It’s full of acid, sugar, heavy grinding, abrasive materials day in and day out. We have no idea what you are doing to your mouth outside our office.
Q: Why do I need multiple cleanings per year when my old dentist only recommended one?
A: Dentistry is improving on a daily basis. Our knowledge is also improving where your dental health is concerned. We strive to pass that knowledge on to you in order to keep your teeth an gums healthy. We recommend a minimum of 2 cleanings per year for most healthy individuals. Occasionally, a person with chronic gingivitis and or periodontitis will require even more cleanings per year………as many as 4. Each patient gets a custom recommendation based solely on their own dental requirements. No two patients mouths are alike. You may notice that we recommend different tools, different toothpastes and different medicines for each patient as well. We change the the treatment to fit the needs, no exceptions.
Q: Do I have to have to have that expensive procedure you recommended?
A: No. Each patient is given a recommendation based on the information we gather during your examination and consultations. We recommend what we believe is in the patient’s best interests. It is totally up to each individual to accept or postpone those recommendations. Occasionally we have treat a worse condition when the recommendations aren’t followed.   We do understand that finances are a major factor for many patients. We try our best to accommodate all potential situations so that you get what you need when you need it.
Q: How old should my child be before he or she comes to the dentist?
A: It varies depending on the child, but most can begin to come see a dentist around ages 4-5 yrs old. We like them to have all 20 teeth, 10 up and 10 down. At this age, they are usually inquisitive and getting better about brushing their teeth. We like for them to first see our hygienist for an exam and cleaning. Once they discover that it was kinda fun to go to the dentist, they are usually happy to repeat the experience again and again.
Q: What if my problem is more advanced than a general dentist can accommodate?
A: We have an extensive network of dental specialists that we work with to complete your custom dental needs.
Q: Is Dr. Simonds really as much of a  Star Wars fanatic as they say???
A: Don’t believe us?  Ask him to show you the “Museum”!